Low-Cost Hydrocarbon Exploration

Jeomodel provides hydrocarbon exploration service at low cost and informs the customer transparently at every stage of the business. The stages of hydrocarbon exploration at low cost are given below. By sharing the workflow and with the customer, the customer is informed about the work at every stage of the work. Expenses for laboratory, logistics, geophysical studies and drilling are shared with the customer.

In general, in the studies conducted to search for hydrocarbon at low cost, the following order is available in the literature:

1- Remote Sensing: In this study to narrow the field, the effects of hydrocarbon after it has spread to the surface are determined.

2-Site Geology and Tectonics: At this stage, studies such as faults, sedimentology, stratigraphy in the field are carried out and the main purpose is to reveal the skeleton of the site.

3- Geochemistry: After the survey design for the area whose hydrocarbon type is unknown until this stage, water and soil samples are collected and sent to the laboratory.

4-Evaluation: At this stage, geology and geochemistry evaluation is made, hydrocarbon anomalies are mapped, the appropriate geophysical method is determined for the field, and proposals are collected from companies that apply the geophysical method.

5-Geophysics: At this stage, the companies that apply the determined method are provided to take measurements in the field, parameters such as drilling location and drilling depth are determined

6-Drilling: At this stage, offers from drilling companies are collected and sent to the customer. If the decision to drill is made, Geomodel will accompany the works throughout the drilling.

Geomodel is able to conduct hydrocarbon explorations at low cost. We are here with our scientific studies.

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