Remote Sensing Scientefic and Commercial Bundle


Remote Sensing Scientefic and Commercial Bundle



Scientefic and Commercial Pack Includes:
For one natural source exploration purpose: Metallic mineral deposits(Gold, silver, lead-zinc, wolfram, copper,nickel, bauxite etc.) industrial raw materials(lithium, scandium, barite,bentonite, marble, calcite, dolomite, magnesite, travertine, basalt, granite etc.), hydrocarbons (microseepage detection for oil and gas), geothermal (suitable exploration area narrowing for geothermal explorations)

One Satellites which are ASTER, Landsat4-5-7-8, Sentinel 2A and One of the satellites which are Worldview2 and Worldview3

-Geological Mapping

-Mineral Mapping

-Alteration Mapping

-Subpixel Analysis

-Spectral Analysis

-Lineament extraction and lineament analysis

-Geological Interpretation

-Geological Evaluation Report



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