Remote Sensing Scientefic Bundle

Remote Sensing Scientefic Bundle



Scientefic Pack Includes:
For one natural source exploration purpose: Metallic mineral deposits(Gold, silver, lead-zinc, wolfram, copper,nickel, bauxite etc.) industrial raw materials(lithium, scandium, barite,bentonite, marble, calcite, dolomite, magnesite, travertine, basalt, granite etc.), hydrocarbons (microseepage detection for oil and gas), geothermal (suitable exploration area narrowing for geothermal explorations)

-One or two of Satellites which are ASTER, Landsat4-5-7-8, Sentinel 2A

-Geological satellite image processing service

-Geological Mapping

-Spectral Analysis

-Alteration Mapping

-Lineament Extraction and Lineament Analysis

-Geological reporting


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