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Geothermal Exoloration

In geothermal resource exploration, we offer studies such as geological studies, water chemistry, geological mapping, hydrogeological mapping, selection of appropriate geophysical method, hydrogeochemical studies, remote sensing studies, layered data evaluation before drilling, potential mapping, well location determination.

Minerals and Raw Materials

Geological surveys, field geology, sample evaluation, selection of the appropriate geophysical method for the site, target area determination with remote sensing studies, direction of field studies, geochemical assessments, detailed structural geology studies for marble, natural stone sample analysis, field geology and field reports services, drilling site studies such as determination, systematic sampling, 3D geological modeling after drilling, visible reserve determination, solid modeling.


Geochemical sampling studies suitable for the study area, evaluation of lab results, geochemical modelling, geochemical distribution maps and correlation studies with geology, hydrogeochemical studies for geothermal, potential reservoir temperature determination, geothermometer applications.


Field mapping, lithology determination, lithological separation, taking geological sections, revealing the conceptual geological model. Well geology, well-to-well sectioning.


Activities guiding field studies for water exploration, determination of hydrogeological units, determination of underground geology, preparation of hydrogeological survey report.

Remote Sensing

Image processing for geological mapping, detection of alteration in metallic mineral deposits, ophiolitic unit identification for chromium deposits, remote sensing of strategic and critical minerals, agricultural applications, processing of low-medium-high resolution satellite images, classification studies, database creation, creation of fault lineament map, Writing the remote sensing study report.

Low-Cost Hydrocarbon Exploration

Low cost hydrocarbon exploration service is provided by Jeomodel. Necessary studies are carried out for remote sensing, geology, geochemistry, geophysics and drilling, and reports are presented to the customer at every stage of the work.




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