Jeomodel is a geological engineering office established by Orkun Turgay, M.Sc. Geol., to produce supportting solutions for mining, geothermal and hydrogeology exploration works in Ankara. Jeomodel,  started as an enterpreneurship in 2019 and later went into incorporation, serves its customers in the following fields of activity.

Jeomodel produces solutions such as field studies, pre-geophysical geological evaluations, mapping works, sectioning 3d geological model, revealing hydrogeological units, hydrogeological mapping in geothermal exploration studies.

Jeomodel produces solutions such as geological map production for the exploration of mineral deposits, determination of alteration and geochemical assessments, determination of the appropriate geophysical method for the site, evaluation of geophysical results, determination of drilling points, production of mine geology map, preparation of exploration and preliminary exploration activity reports, and operation project.

Jeomodel provides solutions to its customers for hydrogeological studies for the exploration of water resources in hydrogeological studies, directing geophysical studies, water chemistry studies, obtaining exploration and use licenses for drilling.

Jeomodel produces remote sensing survey reports and mapping solutions for the detection of surface signs pointing to natural resources in the field, alteration mapping and combined evaluations with GIS for mineral, industrial raw material, oil and natural gas, geothermal and water exploration, natural resources exploration with remote sensing studies. .


Geomodel produces target-oriented works for customers. Therefore, every geological evidence and indication in satellite data is important to us. Jeomodel’s vision is defined as providing the best service for customers and their projects. Geomodel produces studies that help the discovery of natural resources in the field with remote sensing methods. The love of geology always carries us further.


Jeomodel’s mission is to deliver successful results in cost-effective exploration projects for its customers.

Our solutions

Mineral Exploration: Mineralogical and alteration maps and geological studies for mineral exploration activities

Geothermal: Potential mapping and reporting and surveys in pre-drilling studies for geothermal exploration

Hydrogeology: Remote groundwater exploration maps for aquifers, surveys and well license acquisitions

Oil and Gas: Hydrocarbon-induced alterations and microleak detection before seismic exploration

Lithological and structural geology maps for any purpose,

Image Processing Services with optical multispectral satellites,

Low and Medium resolution multispectral satellites; TERRA ASTER, SENTINEL 2, * LANDSAT 9, LANDSAT 8, LANDSAT 7 ETM +

High resolution multispectral satellites; WORLDVIEW 1, WORLDVIEW 2, WORLDVIEW 3,

Our Capabilities

Alteration maps for the exploration of metallic mineral deposits, ophiolitic unit separation for chromium deposits, classification of industrial raw materials and natural stones (basalt, granite, marble, bentonite) according to their quality, measurement of the covered area. Combination of fault, geology, hydrogeology, surface temperature, hydrothermal alterations for GIS integration for geothermal energy, determination of suitable location according to soil requirement of the plant to be planted in agriculture. Determination of target areas in hydrothermal systems with both remote sensing and GIS, conceptual model design for hydrogeological projects and maps for free aquifer surveys, groundwater potential maps by collecting data from DSI and various institutions, and creation of a GIS database for results